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How to Install Uplink Mods
Once you have downloaded your Uplink mod, you need to use your zip program to extract the zip file into the directory you installed Uplink to. So if you installed Uplink to 'C:\Program Files\Uplink', then this is where you would need to extract the zip file.
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A.W.O.L. 10,000 Overkill (82.43 KB)
For those of you that like to have more than you can ever use, this gateway has huge amounts of everything.
Created by PunisherBass

HGRC Guerilla (215.98 KB)
More grey! Its the new black, or blue, as the case may be
Created by Hixinet

HGRC2K10 (14.27 KB)
For those of you who hate blue, heres something grey.
Created by Hixinet

Tripod (10.67 KB)
Designed like a tripod, and its blue.
Created by Spytek90

sNet Gatekeeper Delta (22.37 KB)
Blue seems to be making a comeback lately
Created by sNet Incorporated

Predator Gateways (59.1 KB)
2 new gateways for you to play with
Created by Mist Warrior

Phantom One (52.47 KB)
Nice gateway with a nice colour scheme
Created by v0rtex

Jackalware Server (21.99 KB)
Nice, powerful and blue
Created by Dennis Crider

Jackalware Elite Server (33.89 KB)
A good old classic Uplink Blue
Created by Dennis Crider

L-Tech Infinity (219.54 KB)
Another nice Greyscale Gateway
Created by Daedalus

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