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How to Install Uplink Mods
Once you have downloaded your Uplink mod, you need to use your zip program to extract the zip file into the directory you installed Uplink to. So if you installed Uplink to 'C:\Program Files\Uplink', then this is where you would need to extract the zip file.
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Gateway GAMMA (12.66 KB)
A nice small gateway, good for starters
Created by MattXXX

Eyenox (71.14 KB)
A very dark gateway with a fair amount of power
Created by Grimwall

Extreme Velocity (35.39 KB)
A very fast gateway, in Uplink Blue
Created by Packett

eXPerience (62.63 KB)
A simple, yet very effective gateway.
Created by X-Goldman

elD-Ultra (73.12 KB)
Another nice looking gateway, also with its own components
Created by elDiablo

elD-Freedom (89.49 KB)
A nice looking gateway that comes with its own set of components
Created by elDiablo

ELD-16200 Server Platform (32.3 KB)
A Huge gateway. Big big big.
Created by elDiablo

Echo XT5700 Workstation (58.93 KB)
An excellent gateway, one of my faves.
Created by Astral

dr33m (29.4 KB)
A nice multi-part gateway
Created by Wavid

Dolphin Inc. T1600 (39.19 KB)
An interestingly coloured, large gateway.
Created by A J 2

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