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How to Install Uplink Mods
Once you have downloaded your Uplink mod, you need to use your zip program to extract the zip file into the directory you installed Uplink to. So if you installed Uplink to 'C:\Program Files\Uplink', then this is where you would need to extract the zip file.
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RTech XP (20.1 KB)
A classic blue gateway
Created by ZaTaN

gold VIA black 16320-310 (42.97 KB)
A nicely contrasting gateway
Created by Mat

Cyberdyne System 1 (70.61 KB)
A nice dark gateway
Created by L33T H4X0R

Seth-Galaxy Main Core (6.88 KB)
A nice gateway with an interesting colour scheme.
Created by Seth

CXV-9000 (58.93 KB)
An Uplink-Blue gateway with lots of wires.
Created by KKND

L-Tech 5000_SM (20.97 KB)
A nice grey gateway
Created by Daedalus^

Ultima 1200 (90.37 KB)
A nice green gateway.
Created by SOLD13R

The E-Cool GateConnect (63.62 KB)
A very cool looking gateway.
Created by Tigreus

Ultima 1000 Gateway (76.46 KB)
A classic Uplink blue gateway
Created by SOLD13R

The Green Machine (17.85 KB)
Exactly what it says on the tin
Created by The Dude

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