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How to Install Uplink Mods
Once you have downloaded your Uplink mod, you need to use your zip program to extract the zip file into the directory you installed Uplink to. So if you installed Uplink to 'C:\Program Files\Uplink', then this is where you would need to extract the zip file.
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D-Computers Ultima X (23.25 KB)
A nice dark gateway with some contrasting colours
Created by Dave Hague

D-Computers Beast Mk 5000 (18.08 KB)
An interesting blue gateway
Created by Dave Hague

D-Computers Beast MK 1 (12.57 KB)
A nice green and black gateway
Created by Dave Hague

Darkness Gateways (239.88 KB)
A pack of 7 Gateways designed to go with the Darkness skin
Created by Smaug

NeoTrinity (26.38 KB)
A fairly powerful blue gateway
Created by Trust

Circapod (106.16 KB)
A nice looking blue gateway.
Created by Sparky

Tiny-Lite gateways (28.86 KB)
A set of 3 classic blue gateways
Created by Tiny Stew

Deadline Gateways DG 6550 Supersonic (316.24 KB)
A nice classic Uplink gateway
Created by Unknown

Sine Wave Gateways (71.23 KB)
A group of gateways with the same style and varying specs
Created by Omega Computers

Trinity 2 (168.67 KB)
An upgraded version of the standard Trinity gateway.
Created by Haggy

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