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How to Install Uplink Mods
Once you have downloaded your Uplink mod, you need to use your zip program to extract the zip file into the directory you installed Uplink to. So if you installed Uplink to 'C:\Program Files\Uplink', then this is where you would need to extract the zip file.
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Matrix (639.27 KB)
Makes Uplink look kinda like The Matrix
Created by Z-RO TOLERANCE20

Machina (250.77 KB)
Gives Uplink a machiney feel.
Created by elDiablo

Mac (36.79 KB)
Like the way Macs look? You want this then (freaks ;) )
Created by Redostrike

Lotus (4.01 MB)
Makes Uplink black and grey. Looks cool
Created by netbuddha

Jani mod (867.28 KB)
Some nice Teal coloured graphics. Very nice
Created by Jani

Invisible (591.9 KB)
Think you're good? Try playing when you can't see the buttons!
Created by Adriac

Ice Graphics (1.58 MB)
Adds some very nice blue effects
Created by Bill

Ice (926.77 KB)
Replaces the Blues with lighter blues.
Created by Neo Rakis

Homeworld (282.07 KB)
A must for Homeworld fans
Created by elDiablo

Grey (1.08 MB)
Replaces Uplink's graphics with Greyscale variants.
Created by Sabin

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