The UHL Stands for The Uplink Hacking League. The idea is, you complete missions given to you via user files, return them, and get points depending on what place you got in the mission.

The way you get a higher rank depends on the mission, sometimes it will be whoever gets the file in the fastest, sometimes it will be who gets the fastest ingame time.

The number of points you get depends on what position you ranked for the mission:
1st = 10 points
2nd = 5 Points
3rd = 3 Points
4th/5th = 2 Points
All Other Ranks = 1 Point

The challenges are alot harder than normal uplink hacks, they contain riddles, have devious traps, and various other things that require a litlte more skill and a lot more time. Each challenge will only run for a certain amount of time, so although there should be plenty of time to do the mission, you wont have forever.

Once you have downloaded and completed each mission, you must return it to me, at with a text file containing your name (the same one you used before if its not your first entry) in a zip file. If your entry differs from this, it will simply be ignored, as my inbox cannot handle that many unzipped user files.
Any other information you will require shall be included with the mission.

And now the rules.
1. Unless your misison is not completed, you may only submit one entry, and I will only accept your first entry.
2. Cheating WILL NOT be tolertated. If i find that anyone has cheated in any way, they shall be removed from The UHL and allowed no more entry.
3. Do not tell anyone else how to complete the challenges in the UHL. It gives people an unfair advantage, and will have the same result as cheating for both parties.
4. My decision if final.

Each challenge comes with a user file (which you must run in Uplink to do the challege) and a text file describing what you must do. The release times of each challenge will vary, but each one will be anounced at least 24 hours in advance of its release, both here and on the forums.

Thats about it. If you have any questions about the UHL, feel free to email me.