Want a link to your website here? and I'll put it up!

The Uplink Directory - Profiles on members of the Uplink Community!

AWOL Computing - Find PunisherBass' latest Gateways and other works

UplinkCorp - An 'in Character' website, with some fun stuff, and an IRC client to talk to other Uplinkers!

Introversion Software - The Official Uplink site!

Downlink - One of the original Uplink Fan Sites, has a wealth of information and useful downloads.

Connection Failure - A general Uplink site with mods, fanfics, and is host to several other sites.

Access Denied Uplink Mods - Josh MC's site featuring Uplink mods and stories he has made

The Icebox - My own personal website about random stuff.

XCOM Corporation - An Uplink mod site with some gateways, skins and LANs

The Uplink Temple - A Yahoo group about Uplink

Deadline Gateways - A mod site with some ncie mods on it

Andromeda Corporation - A site with various bits and pieces

Eqvaliser - A flash site with a few mods on.

neott.uplinkcorp (AHOLE Gatewa - neott's website and home to all his fantastic mods.

The Next Game - Another of my websites, dedicated to Introversion and their next game, Darwinia.