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PocketGate, by rhoffer21
Its a gateway that looks like a pocket pc. its pretty nifty.

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18th March 2005, 18:06:56 GMT
Just a quick update to let you know about a massive mod project being worked on for Uplink. The mod is called Onlink, and is currently in beta. You can check out everything about it here. It adds a huge amount of stuff far too much to list here, so head over to their site and check it out.

22nd January 2005, 03:17:19 GMT
For all of you who don't already know, and still read this, you might be interested in getting the demo of Introversions latest game, Darwinia. The demo was released today, and features one level of the game. Its well worth going to check it out, and I highly recommend it!

You can also check out my Darwinia fansite, which is largely the reason why Modlink gets such poor attention these days ;)

In other news, I know I said some time ago that I would be running a 'Best Uplink Mod Ever' thing, but unfortunately I've been so busy with other things over the last few months that I've not had time, and it doesn't look like it's going to change any time soon. So, instead of that, I'll just name what I personally think is the best Uplink Mod availible, and thats neotts FBI Mod. I doubt theres anyone reading this who hasn't tried it, but its well worth it. So, there you go!

Official Darwinia Site
Darwinia Demo Download
My Darwinia Fansite


9th August 2004, 17:14:22 GMT
Heres the post about Best Uplink Mod Ever!


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